Q:Can I contract a Skipper?
If nobody of the crew has got the necessary skipper license for the navigation of the boat, then it is OBLIGATORY to sign up with a skipper.
Even in the case, that there is somebody who has got the license, but has not got a lot of experience and just few hours of navigation, they should engage a skipper for to have some training and more hours of practice.
Q:Is it obligatory to contract a skipper for navigating the boat?
For being able to rent a boat it is necessary that any of the persons of the crew has got the necessary license/certification for navigating the same (it depends on the lengths of the boat). If there is not anyone who has got this license it is obligatory to contract one person with the appropriate license.
Q:Which is the price for a skipper?
Usually, the price is 150 €/day plus maintenance.
Q:Can we hire a skipper with a determined profile?
In PX Boats, we certainly dispose a database of skippers for any destination. Our team knows the importance of the fact to offer you a suitable person to your circumstances, that is to say, that it is somebody who talks your language, to be a man or women, with a specific character and somehow close to your ideas.
Q:Should the skipper eat with us?
Yes, in the case a skipper is hired, he should be given maintenance during his stay at the boat.
Q:Where does the skipper sleep?
The skipper should sleep on the boat. In the case there is no cabin available, he will sleep in the living room (with convertible bed) or on deck. There should not be any problem in this case.
The skippers are very independent and are very used to this circumstances, so that there will not be any problem.


Q:Which is the cost? The price of the fuel is included?
The consumption of the fuel depends basically of the type of boat and above all of the motorization of the boat. The fuel is paid once you return to the home port for making the check-out, depending of the port, if it is possible to refuel there or at another nearby port.

Method of payment:

Q:Which is the method of payment?
Usually, for proceeding to the blockage/tie-up of the wanted boat, it is needed to pay the 50 % of the total amount. The remaining amount can be paid up to one month in advance to the date of departure.
In the case that at the moment of reservation is left less than 8 weeks, it should be paid the total amount of the boat (100 %) four weeks in advance.
The extras (end cleaning, bed sheets, towels,..) you should pay the day of charter in cash.
Q:If the weather conditions are not appropriate, can I get back the money from the reservation?
Generally the money cannot be given back, as the weather conditions are not a factor what depends on us.
In this case it is usually to change the dates of the reservation or handling over a voucher, but this is always subject to avaibility.


Q:What options do you have regarding the food on the boat?
The maintenance on a boat works the same way than in an apartment, because it disposes of kitchen, refrigerator, cookware, oven and microwave. This manner allows the client to bring his own food.
We can give advice and help on the type of shopping, which has to be done, depending on the number of days which have been contracted, as well as on the marinas, which have got supermarkets and shops nearby, where you can do your shopping’s.
We also offer in our destinations, the possibility of taking over your shopping as well as deliver it on board the day of the departure through a shopping list o catering.


Q:Is the outboard motor of the dinghy included in the price of the boat?
The auxiliary dinghy in most of boat charters is included in the price, but in others it is optional to be paid at the day of boarding in cash Money (70 € – 100 €/week).


Q:Does exist any type of deposit at the moment to pick-up the boat?
Yes, as like a car rental, they proceed to block a certain amount of money with the Visa card. Same amount will be given back in the case the boat will be handed over without any incidence and damage. The amount, generally, will be approximately between 1.500 € up to 3.000 €, depending on the type of boat.

End cleaning:

Q:The payment of the final cleaning of the boats is obligatory?
Yes, the service of the final cleaning is obligatory in all the boats. Its cost depends on the type of boat and the number of days of reservation. The amount comes up between 50 € to 200 €.

Routes and moorings:

Q:Where I can manage the booking of moorings and anchorages?
In the case that you have made your reservation with us, you can call at our telephone number at the customer care, which appears at our web page. We can take over your reservation of necessary moorages and anchorages at the different destinations.
Q:Could you give me advice o recommend routes which would be appropriate for my reservation?
Yes, between the members of PX Boats, we have got experts who could give any recommendations during your stay on the boat and propose the most recommended routes to visit virgin coves, close harbors.

Check in-Check out:

Q:Will there be any person available in the moment of boarding who explains the running of the boat?
Yes, when you arrive at the home port, there will be a technician who will accompany you and explain all the necessary for the navigation.
Q:Which is the schedule for boarding and disembarkment?
The schedule can vary depending if the reservation is just for one day or various.
For reservation of one day, the boarding usually is about 10.00 a.m. and the arrival at the home port for disembarking normally at 6 p.m.
In the case the reservation is for a couple of days, the boarding shall take place at 2 p.m. or before if the boat is ready. 
The disembarking is arriving at the port before 5 p.m. of the last day and generally it is offered to stay on board for free for the last night at the mooring in the home port until 8.30 a.m. of the following day.

Nautical activities and events:

Q:Do you offer boats for events such as bachelor parties, birthdays, weddings, etc..?
Yes, we have boats for groups from 10-250 people. These types of boats are usually large catamarans or classic Gulets.
Also we hace professionals to organize regatta or another events for groups. You can find out all this by contacting us via email or telephone.
Q:Do you offer activities that can be done with our boat?
Yes, if you want we can also offer the option of hiring activities like water skiing, snorkeling, paddle surfing, sport fishing, snorkeling, wakeboarding, etc.. you can perform in various organized tours. For more information on these activities please contact us and we will advise.

Other questions:

Q:Which is the best time to navigate?
The answer to this question really is quite subjective, “up to the liking of the user”, because in the most of our routes it is possible to navigate during all the year, so that to choose one period or another depends very much on the type of navigation one likes to realize. For further information on this matter you can get in touch with us to receive advises on the phone which appears on our web page.
Q:What type of clothes is recommended to take with?
The most important is the use of shoes which have got a sole antiskid for not to slide, comfortable clothing and depending on the dates of waterproof coats.